RIOS 2018

Selecionados: Competição Olhares e Enquadramentos

A nossa comissão de seleção já escolheu os filmes que estarão a concurso nos próximos dias 21, 22 e 23 de março. 

Começamos por apresentar os selecionados para a competição Olhares e Enquadramentos, a serem exibidos no primeiro dia do festival, entre 14h às 18h15. Não percas!

  • KRENAK, de Rogério Corrêa (Brasil)
  • AGHANASHINI, de Ashwini Kumar Bhat  (Índia)
  • ARA SALVAJE, de Martín Campoy García (Espanha)

  • SUÃO, de José Miguel Pires (Portugal) 
    A wine barrell turns into a window, to a place, just like many other places, where Man merges with the land.
    A place in which old and new habits, cultures, techniques and knowledge are intertwined and both the old and the new lead to inevitable changes in the landscape.
    A place where old habits are strongly absorbed by new ones, often showing respect to one another, but other times less so, eagerly motivated by economic, political or cultural interests.A place that aspires to a life, voice and sentiments of its own, thus not seeking fullfilment in ephemoral ways, in contrast to the river´s water that gives it´s name to the region and it´s main product. A place where the motionless road comes alive to celebrate and resist, hoping to gain, or unconsciously seize the life that stubbornly keeps on dragging. Suão (Swishing wind) is the throbbing wind that “cuts like a knife” in a sunny winter day.
  • TIMBÓ, de Peiman Zakavat (United Kingdom)
  • DEPRESSION, de Radheya Jegatheva (Austrália) 
    A short filme which explores depression through the application of water.